OYSU / Anaga

The Ogaden Youth and Students Union (OYSU) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established in Denmark in June -27-2010- to advocate for the rights of the youth, student and children in the Diaspora and the Ogaden. OYSU promotes and advocates for the rights of the youth and children that have been displaced due to the conflict and live in every single continent. Furthermore, OYSU monitors, reports and educates international agencies of the violations and abuses the youth and children are facing due to the lack of resources and opportunities in their homeland. Ogaden Youth and Students Union was founded on the fundamental principle that all human beings are born equal and has a right to live in peace, dignity and freedom, regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion, gender, belief xenophobia or other forms of both overt and covert discrimination. This firm stance has been reinforced by more than sixty years of suffering of the Ogaden people who had been denied all fundamental Human Rights by the successive Ethiopian regimes, since
the Ogaden was transferred to Ethiopia in 1948. These regimes delegated the ruling of the Ogaden to the occupation army of Ethiopia, which violated the Human Rights of the Ogaden people with impunity and deliberately marginalised the Somali people, which resulted in depopulation, underdevelopment and exodus of more than a million Ogaden Somalis to all parts of the world.

Learning about the Ogaden values, sacrifice, our history and revive and maintain Ogaden culture. Engages in critical and thought provoking discussions and lectures on relevant national topics with the aim of raising political and ideological awareness of the youth through forums, seminars
and other methods.

Aim to mobilize, organize and integrate the talent and potential of youth in Diaspora to our national capacity building. Actively works with other associations, such other youth organisations, community associations, lobbying groups and others in helping to tackle the social and cultural issues of our society. Engages in the media and diplomatic works, with the aim of enhancing Ogaden’s regional and international cooperation with OYSU

Program Focus Areas:
- Human rights awareness and advocacy
- Capacity building for members and beneficiaries
- Anti-violence campaigns especially against women
- Youth Political Participation
- Schools and Community Climate Change Awareness Program
- Community Voluntary Service Projects.
- Sustainable Development programs.
- Intercultural Youth Exchange Programs
- Organizing International Work Camps

Funding Sources:
It as an independent and non-partisan organization with no ties to political parties, government and has no political agenda in its programs, hence depends on funds from its Youth and students membership, local and international organizations and individual well wishers to support its programs

Youth Participation and Leadership:
OYSU-Ogaden helps to inspire, empower and support young Ogadens, principally students to create and strengthen their institutions to implement and monitor their plans to act as leaders of their respective communities. In this regard, OYSU-Ogaden trains and guides youth, especially students to be involved in community action and the process of social and political responsibility.

Public Awareness:
OYSU-Ogaden believes that communities will be changed through long term process of awareness. People of the developing countries like Ogaden Region, are in need of awareness of their fundamental rights, freedom of expression and many other aspects of their life which the civil society in Ogaden play a great role in providing these needs.

Community Development:
OYSU-Ogaden’s principal objective is to engage young people, principally students in sustainable action of developing their respective communities, and more so, engaging them in community voluntary actions.OYSU-Ogaden fulfils this task, through partnership and networking with the beneficiaries and similar organizations in the areas of operation.

Work Methodology:
To meet its objectives, OYSU-Ogaden utilizes the following methodologies and tools in its activities:
- Holding conferences seminars, debates, open dialogue sessions, roundtable and meetings.
- Conducting workshops and training sessions
- Producing T.V and Radio spots
- Publication of IEC materials i.e. books, pamphlets, training guides, handbills, brochures etc
- Participating in solidarity events
- Lobbying and advocacy programs