Products: As we are the OYSU we don't product items but we product a voice of the voiceless people in the Ogaden that tortured by the ethiopian millitary, while they are raping the womens and killing mens with wired covered by their neck and tightened with rop. This organisation is worldwide in every content like: Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia and others. But this in the part of OYSU in Sweden for information just contact us.

 If you wish to join us as country contact Oysu Sweden in Stockholm. Help us we help you no one can ask economy beside the normal economy for the organisation. If you like to donate also for the famine people in the Ogaden contact Oysu Sweden oysu@live.se. Wish for a pleasant. time, to join with us.

Designed By: Wadani Abdirauf OYSU SWEDEN, Communication Director, abuuazhar@hotmail.com.